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Pi2 Square is the leading Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") solutions provider. Our solution suite ensures that Pi2 Square's clientele have unparalleled access to on-demand services that will protect, manage and improve service and compliance, while simultaneously reducing the risk and increasing the productivity across key sectors.

The solutions include: Email, Web & IM Protection; Business Continuity solutions, Email Compliance (Archiving & Logging & Encryption); Email Branding , CRM, HRMS, Recruit, Hosting, Domain Registration & Collaboration Solutions.

Our Solutions are well thought, robust and scalable. Our solutions are aimed at ensuring that your business can scale and take advantage of the internet easily, quickly and reliably. Pi2 Square offers multiple solutions in different domains and is in the process of building solution frameworks which are scalable and extensible. These solutions can either be bought by you off the shelf, or you may send in your customization requests so that we build a solution for you based on your specific needs. The advantage this model offers you is a ready made solution, which lets you take the advantage of a powerful solution. The customization effort involved is also low as the basic framework is already in place. Check this page often as you may see more exciting frameworks posted on this often.

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